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We have experience of running teams since 1998, in this time we have learned the importance of a balanced and well trained teams.  These are some of the projects which we have project managed to a successful conclusion.  We also design and build websites, learn more here.

Competency Interview Design and Training Project

This project involved my attendance at a five course so I could teach employees the correct way to interview using Competency Based Interviewing or Targeted Selection by Development Dimensions International (DDI).   I then generated two half day courses over two days for all employees who were responsible for interviewing externally and internally. The course provided a framework for interviewing employes to work to so that interviews were transparent and followed the same structure.  I designed a format which could be used universally in all interviews of all roles within the organisation. This gave employees greater confidence to conduct interviews in a structured and compliant format.

Induction Project

Induction is the first impression of the organisation gives to a new employee. As first impressions count I designed a timetable of events which were tailored to each role. This involved ensuring correct paper work was in order, correctly filled in and all policies were signed off. Slides were designed to give an overview, elements of the department they were working in, and were the role fitted in within the organisation. This was an opportunity for all mandatory training to be completed in the first few days to reduce time away from their new department over the coming weeks and months. DVDs of introductions from the organisations head were also written, filmed and produced to give the induction a professional finish.

Talent Drain Project

This is a system which I assessed the different options and provided recommendations to Directors.  The project looked at taking an exit interview to another level by asking employees through a third part piece of software to answer specific questions on why employees were leaving the organisation.  The third party software produced intricate reports which highlighted trends and provided important feedback to the organisation. This was an opportunity for the organisation to hold a mirror up to its self and highlight which areas required improvement.  The recruitment and selection process costs organisations a considerable amount of time and money, this was an opportunity to improve and reduce costs.

Soft Skill Project

oft Skills Projects are written to help support employees and improve their skills. These modules can be used for either one to one coaching or group based training intervention. The modules are designed to encourage reflection of participants so they can mould and evolve their own style, learn more.

New Intranet Project

The aim of this project was to implement an intranet system into a traditional paper based organisation. Fifteen minute sessions were organised to involve the employees in building the intranet that would benefit each department. I taught myself how to build and edit the intranet so I could train key staff for each department. This gave the skills to the department to design sites, produce material and upload content which would benefit their own department. This improved communication, increased knowledge transfer and gave employees new IT Skills.

Skill Enhancement Project

The skill enhancement project focused around a Lean Management concept of giving the skills to employes so that multiple tasks could be carried out by the same employee. This consisted of working with Directors, Department Heads and Managers to formulate tasks and content which the employees would be trained on. This also involved Union interaction to ensure all concerns were addressed. I wrote content with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and rolled out training modules, employees enjoyed learning new skills and increasing productivity across the organisation.

Managing Stress Courses

Around 131 million days were lost through absences due to sickness or injury each year. Stress has become the most common cause of long-term sickness absence for both manual and non-manual employees. With greater awareness and mental health support, experts indicate businesses could save one third off these costs – £8 billion a year. The courses are run for managers and staff to try and pre-empt stress related issues in the workplace.

Wellbeing Intranet

The Wellbeing Intranet is an information area for all staff to access if they require any information on any topic to do with health and wellbeing. The information was categorised as used asa one stop shop for DVDs, PDFs and general information of how to lead a health life. This also helped to highlight campaigns which were run on a monthly basis to highlight specific areas of how to improve health and wellbeing.

Re-Launch of Procurement System

The organisation had being using a procurement system which had been in place for a few years. The person who had the most knowledge of the system approached me to highlight the issues with the system in terms of users knowledge. We worked together to build training modules which were tailored for specific tasks in the system.