Pricing Table 

Pricing for Individuals $50.00 an hour.
Pricing for Organisations $50.00 an hour.
Interviewee Training and Coaching with Video Analysis
Suited for people looking who are going for job interviews either externally or internally within organisations. Sessions usually last about 2.5 hours in which we look at, managing the interview panel, body language, answer replies, managing nerves and video practice. Once the session is complete we recommend eight hours of practicing to be completed before the interview.
Suited for organisations who are restructuring and looking to support staff at the time of off boarding employees. This is often an emotional roller coaster of a time for staff in which we give full support and encouragement to staff. We add a further section to the training and coaching called, supporting your first steps. This is a short course tailored to motivate people being made redundant. Course duration four hours, this can be tailored to your requirements.
Life and Business Coaching
People who contact us about supporting them in life or business coaching (they easy crossover into each others path), are looking for a sounding board or an outlet for new ideas. Some people just hit that brick wall or glass ceiling and don’t know which way to turn. Get in touch and have a chat, our first one hour session is FREE!
Everyone needs support in the workplace to grow and evolve. Coaching is a vital tool in which people grow and in turn organisations can grow. We support any level of the organisation and individual or team. Effective coaching sessions are between 1 -2 hours in duration. Get in touch and have a chat, our first one hour session is FREE!
e-Learning Training and CoachingIdeal for people who want to move into the area of instructional design or what to know how to create e-learning. e-Learning content is growing in popularity and is common place in many organisations. We train on how to create the whole course, not just learn how to use a piece of software. We highlight the pitfalls and successes you can have with your course designs.
We can support in any area of e-learning from course creation interactive modules, videos, scenario options and competency based assessments. If your organisation is looking at e-learning but don’t know where to start, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.
HR Projects and Organisation ProjectsStruggling with a project but don’t want the boss to know? Get in touch and let us coach you through the project. We have Prince2 project management experience and have managed many projects from a blank piece of paper to completion.
Do you have too many projects and looking to outsource or looking to collaborate with an external company. Please get in contact, a project shared is a project halved.
Looking into teaching yourself website creation by don’t know where to start. Let us coach you through the process.We can build responsive websites for organisations who are looking for a quick solution. Please read our website page to give you an idea of the content required for website creation.

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