Learn How to Prepare For an Interview or Learn How to Interview Others in Perth.

Many people look on Interviewing as a whole as a “dark art”, let us give you a clear picture of what interviewing is all about.  We charge $50.00 an hour for individuals going for an interview.  We also train people who interview on behalf of organisations for $100 an hour.  We provide a face to face session or a Skype session.

Interviewee Training and Coaching

Do you feel you don’t really hit the mark when it comes to delivering a good interview for a job? Have you had a few interviews with out success? Going for a big interview and don’t feel you have the tools to do a successful interview? Or you just want a dry run before the big event?

Noteworthy Business Solutions offers training, guidance and coaching support of those who have been selected for interview.  With our Human Resources background and in depth knowledge of competencies and the recruitment and selection process.  We can help and support your interview needs.

We offer the opportunity to work on strategies which interviewers look for and provide other methods to cultivate a positive interview experience.  We used scenario based interview situations in which you are videoed so feedback sessions have more meaning. We also focus on the candidates behaviours, competencies and skills to ensure a meaningful interview session.

Interviewer Training and Coaching

How confident are you about interviewing people? Have you ever gone on an interviewing course to learn the correct way or have you just learned off a colleague? Is interviewing a part of your job you just don’t enjoy? Is your selection method not very consistent? Or do you find the people you hire don’t last?

Line managers have a difficult role and are expected to wear many “hats”. We have experience of training all levels of the organisation in terms of recruitment and selection. Managers find they have a greater confidence and find their decision making is more transparent, fair and clear after training.

We offer companies a two half day training session on how to train employees who are required by their role to carry out interviews. The first morning comprises of the structure and format of interviewing, asking the right questions, external factors, competencies and decision making. The second morning comprises of mock interviews which are videoed in order to provide feedback.

What knowledge and experience do we have?

Development Dimensions International (DDI) are accredited with the birth of the competency based interview approach.  We have a DDI accreditation in how to train interviewers, along with our AHRI/MCIPD Human Resources strategic knowledge, we find interview training is a mixture of the theory and the practical.

We have trained staff for over 20 years in business and have designed training systems and underpinned systems against ISO standards, audit requirements and policies and procedures. We focus on making training coaching sessions memorable so that knowledge is retained and used to benefit the individual and the organisation.

Competency based interview is only part of the jigsaw which makes up the whole picture of interviewing.  We also focus on body language, verbal patterns, fairness and transparency, assisting candidates, key competencies to look for, and how to find out more. We also focus on how to use the interview system of the organisation or train hiring managers on the system we use.

We spend time on creating the answers that interview panels look for so you will be scripted in the response to the questions asked. This is a key part of the interview as many competencies are often looked for one question. The answers need to be written in a manner that the interview panel are not overwhelmed by content or long rambling answers.  We also offer optional videoing analysis, this is a valuable feedback method.

We also focus on body language, managing the panel, dealing with nerves, tricks on how to respond, managing tricks some interviewers play, and field any questions or concerns you may have. Get in touch by contacting us here.

The video analysis is good to hold up a mirror to interview performance and iron out any compromising behaviours to lead to a fair interview.  We also offer a service of further coaching for staff who feel they could benefit from more practice or knowledge. The half approach is popular with staff as they don’t loose the whole day to training and avoids the afternoon “graveyard shift” of reduced interaction and learning.

We also can provide a interview format which is popular with hiring managers which is note based and requires limited writing to capture the candidates answers. The scoring system is also clear and easy to use. Get in touch by contacting us here.

We have trained Pilots, Doctors, Senior Managers, Health Professionals, Government Employees, Police, Fire, Perth Transport Authority, Chefs, Production Managers, Supervisors, Oil and Gas Professionals, Mining Professionals, Environmental Professionals, Human Resources Professionals iProcurement and Supply Professionals in how to be interviewed and how to interview.

Interviews have many consistent themes running through which are often applicable to every interview situation. We also do one on one coaching sessions for individuals who’s organisations don’t support their learning. Get in touch by contacting us here.

The videos below to give you an idea of the actions and behaviours you should show before you sit down in front of the interview panel.

Interview Training Tip 1

The week before your interview.

Interview Training Tip 2

Get yourself in a good mood.

Interview Training Tip 3

What to do the night before the interview.

Interview Training Tip 4

What to wear at an interview.

Interview Training Tip 5

The right time to arrive at an interview.

Interview Training Tip 6

What to do if you are late.

Interview Training Tip 7

What to do when you arrive at the interview.

Interview Training Tip 8

How to act and what to do in reception.

Interview Training Tip 9

What you should do on your walk to the interview room.

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