“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.” Mark Twain

public speaking

Public Speaking Training Perth

Learn how to master public speaking for a wedding, work presentation or dealing with the media.

We charge $50.00 an hour for individuals who require public speaking coaching.  We also train people on behalf of organisations for $100 an hour.

We provide a face to face session or a Skype session.

Public Speaking

When it comes to public speaking, do you feel like you don’t have the skills set to perform well?  If your answer is yes, don’t be surprised many people feel the same way.  Public speaking often appears on the top 5 list of things people hate.  These top 5 lists often include death, fear of flying or moving house.

How speaking makes people feel

One person I helped with improving their public speaking skills set said at the start of the coaching, they felt like “a cornered animal that didn’t want to fight”.  The fight being the for filling of the public speaking request they had not been able to avoid.  When we look at these situations from a birds eye view, we can understand the behaviours.

It’s all about control

How do we counter act these mental and physical reactions to a situation? The key is using framework and strategies to regain control of the situation.  Once you are in control you feel empowered, with empowerment comes positive results.  You have been here before; remember when you didn’t think you could learn a skill?

public speaking
public speaking

What we do

First we teach you about nerves and anxiety, why it happens, what it does and how to manage these feelings.

What we do next

We show you tricks and tips of what to do and what not to do, and give you a framework and strategies.

What’s the last step

We video you and give constructive feedback, highlight key behaviours and a practice strategy, contact us.

This is a great example of a workplace public speaking presentation.  Watch the delivery and watch the content on the slides used. How does this compare to your last presentation?  What would you do differently in your next presentation now you have seen this clip?

The is good example getting a laugh at the start of a speech.  As you can see the laughter relaxes the presenter and goes on to deliver a great speech. Reading from the page works well here, but a more natural way is to learn your speech with a card of prompts.

This is a an example of a person who has been thrust into the lime light by the success of her books.  J K Rowling has admitted she doesn’t enjoy public speaking.  J K Rowling delivery is honest and believable.  Relax and be yourself, then reap the rewards.